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Today many builders face tough economic times.  Their resources are limited and stretched out.  The last thing that is on the mind of most of the people in the construction industry is to purchase Builders Insurance.  This page is dedicated to helping Builders understand why they need Insurance and what types of Insurance Policies there are for them.  

I've Never Had a Claim, Why Do I Need Insurance?

We as Insurance Agents get asked this question a lot by our clients.  Why with so many years of not having to use your insurance would anyone expect you to pay for it?  The answer is simple, statistics have shown that many Contractors eventually have some sort of Builders Insurance Claim in their lifetime.  The question is, do you want to be insured when it happens?  Bodily injury claims can range in the millions so it's best to be covered for some sort of accident.

The good news is that prices for Builders Insurance have come down dramatically over the last several years.  Insurance Carriers are hungry for business which means that they are more willing to offer special discounts to the right insureds.  

How Do I Find a Good Contractors Insurance Agent?

Well that's easy.  Just ask any Insurance Agent what percentage of their business is derived from Builders like you.  If they say anything less than the majority, you might have to wonder if they really know all the needs of the Contractors Industry and what should be included in your Builders Insurance policy.  Also, some Insurance Carriers or Groups will not allow an Agency to write business with them unless they can promise a certain amount of business to begin with.  This is sometimes why smaller local agencies have a hard time being competitive with larger national agencies like ours. 
What Type of Payment Options do you Offer? 

We have many payment options to suite your budget.  Some of our Insurance Carriers offer No Down Payment Insurance options with low monthly payments.  There are a few that offer pay as you go policies that enable you start your policy and cancel anytime without worry of losing any of your deposit while still other carriers allow us to schedule custom financing plans in order to fit your particular needs however specific they may be.  

There are no bad questions.

Our Agency receives hundreds of calls from prospective clients like yourself asking questions about our services and our policies and we love that.  Once you speak to anyone of our Builders Insurance Agents you'll notice the difference right off the bat.  We constantly work hard to keep up with industry standards and changes in laws that directly affect your coverage.  If you have any questions ranging from what is designed to be covererd in a Contractor Insurance policy to how many different payment options we can offer, please don't hesitate to just pick up the phone and ask.  We're always happy to answer any questions you may have.  

Choose the leader in Builders Insurance.  

Many of our Insureds come from other Insurance Agencies that claim to specialize in Builders.  Some decide on our services for the overall savings that we can offer them through our network of Contractors Insurance Companies while others choose our services after they see what a difference a spcialized Agency in the Construction industry can make in terms of offering the right coverage.  Either way, we see a large number of new clients that move to our Agency and we are proud to say it.  Call us up or fill out a quick form anytime in order to see the Ballast Point Insurance difference for yourself. 
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