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Being a business owner you open yourself up to many liability exposures and need the correct coverage in place to secure your business and future.  Through no fault of your own your business can cause bodily injury or property damage to others and you may find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit that seems limitless in it's expense.  Unfortunately, far too often businesses settle with the first insurance policy they see which could wind up costing the business both time and money in the long run.  This is exactly why choosing the right commercial insurance agent that has the knowledge and experience in placing commercial insurance policies is key to securing your business at an affordable price. 

Ballast Point Insurance Services has over three decades of combined experience that we tap into in order to offer you the right coverage that you need without breaking the bank.  Using our network of nationwide Commercial Insurance carriers our Agents and Brokers can offer you the most competitive prices available to us for your Commercial Insurance Policy.  Call now for a free quote or quote online and one of our Commercial Insurance Agents will get in touch with you to discuss your coverage options right away.  

Our Commercial Insurance Policies Include:

General Liability Insurance:  
General Liability Insurance is coverage that pertains, essentially, to claims out of the insured's liability for injuries or damage caused by ownership of property, manufacturing operations, contracting operations, sale or distribution of products, and the operation of machinery, as well as professional services.  Anyone in the commercial business accidents can happen at anytime with now warning at all and when they do, you’d better hope that your Liability Insurance policy will pay for the damages.  From a simple slip and fall to a catastrophic loss brought on by a faulty product that your business either designed, manufactured or sold, your General Liability insurance policy, if correctly placed, should be the right policy in order to secure your business. 

 There are many key options to choose in a General Liability Insurance policy, some your business may need while others just might be a waste of money.  All of our professional and friendly insurance experts are trained in the individual commercial insurance coverages that you may need and are always happy to assist you with any questions that you may have.  Before we offer the right General Liability Insurance policy for your business our Insurance Professionals get to know your business making sure to address your particular needs. 

Workers Compensation Insurance:
Work Compensation Insurance is designed to pay benefits and furnish care to your employees if injured or killed while in your employment.  Most states require all businesses to obtain workers comp insurance if they have any employees whatsoever.  Other states offer special exemptions based on payroll and number of employees.  If you are unsure of your particular workers compensation insurance rules, feel free to contact one of our friendly insurance experts who will be more than happy to offer you the assistance in finding the answers at no obligation at all.  If you do find that you will need to procure a workers compensation insurance policy, our Commercial Liability Insurance specialist will get right to work for you.  Our many nationwide carriers offer the lowest rates available for Commercial Liability and for Workers Compensation Insurance policies.  The process is very simple and quick.  
Commercial for Auto: 
Whether you have one car used occasionally for the business or a fleet of commercial vehicles, we have the right options for your Commercial Auto Insurance.  We have access to many very familiar nationwide auto insurance carriers that allow our commercial insurance experts to offer the most competitive prices on commercial auto insurance.  Our many Commercial Auto Insurance Companies offer different levels of discounts depending on your particular needs.  The commercial insurance brokers at Ballast Point Insurance are trained in order to take advantage of these special discounts so that we may pass them on to you in savings.  Also, don’t forget to ask your Commercial Insurance Agent about taking advantage of Ballast Point Insurance Services’ multi-policy discounts which is just one way that we say thank you for your continued business.

Commercial Property Insurance:
Whether you are looking to insure your business computer or the new office building, our Commercial Property Insurance carriers have many options and rates that allow our Commercial Insurance agents to offer the lowest prices available while not sacrificing coverage.  To the untrained eye, most property insurance policies look alike and the differences only manifesting themselves after a claim has occurred.  Don't let this happen to you and choose a knowledgeable Insurance Agent that has your best interests at hand. 

Ballast Point Insurance Offers Fast and Friendly Service with Nationwide Expertise:
The Commercial Insurance Agents and Insurance Brokers here at Ballast Point Insurance have over three decades of combined experience in placing Commercial Liability Insurance policies for many varied types of businesses.  We have spent years fostering strong relationships with many "A" Rated nationwide insurance companies so that we can offer the most competitive quotes with all the Commercial Liability Insurance Carriers available, leaving you time to get back to what matters.  Feel free to contact one of our friendly Insurance Agents anytime.  There is never any cost for questions and we are always happy to help.  
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Commercial Insurance

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