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Commercial Liability Insurance

Being a business owner you open yourself up to additional liability exposures and need the correct coverage in place.  Through no fault of your own your business can cause bodily injury or property damage to others and you may find yourself on the receiving end of a lawsuit that seems limitless in it's expense.  Unfortunately, far too often businesses settle with the first insurance policy that is offered to them which could wind up costing the business both time and money in the long run.  This is why choosing the right commercial insurance agent that has the knowledge and experience in placing commercial liability insurance policies is key to securing your business at an affordable price. 

Ballast Point Insurance Services has been serving businesses with over three full decades of combined overall commercial specific experience.  Specializing with writing commercial insurance for other businesses is just what we do.  Some agencies spread themselves out insurance both personal and commercial policies but we feel that our focus is best spent serving our customers with the policies we know best.  This enables our Agency to be able to offer more competitive niche market policies at extremely affordable prices. 

Our Commercial Liability Policies Include:

General Liability Insurance:  

Commercial General Liability Insurance, usually the first policy obtained, is what we find to be the most required policy type for our clients.  Each insured is different however and you may find that you have no need for a liability insurance policy.  In which case, our insurance experts will be happy to guide you in the right direction, letting you know if an insurance policy is even needed at all.  However, in today's litigious planet, even the smallest miscalculation can bring cause for costly court battles so it's best to weigh your options fully before making any decisions on your coverage options. 

 No two clients are the same and neither are our policies.  Choosing an industry professional that works hard to understand your risks so that they can properly insure them is key in this market.  The Brokers and Agents at Ballast Point Insurance do just that.  We make it job #1 to get to know your business in order to help you make the best decision possible to secure your future while also focusing on keeping costs to as minimal as possible. 

Workers Comp Insurance: 

​Often considered one of the least affordable and most unnesecary policy types, Workers Compensation Insurance is actually one of the most important types of Commercial Insurance.  Most states make it manditory that an employer provide some sort of coverage for their workers in case they are injured while on the job.  Where it becomes confusing is knowing what is required by each state.  Our Agents are trained to understand your individual requirements so call us anytime if you would like to ask any questions.  Another hidden pitfal is assuming that your employees are actually independent contractors.  It's only when it's too late that you find out you are no on the hook for a large amount in expenses (and potentially fines) that could have easily been avoided.  
Commercial Property Insurance:

Take a quick look around you.  Do you see any desks, chairs, computers or upgrades to your office?  If so, you may need some sort of property insurance.  This also includes such things as tools, property of others while in your care, buildings, etc.  Unless you conduct your business in a vacuum, you most likely need some coverage in place.  Commercial Property Insurance is designed to replace or reinburse you for the property that has claimed on for, among other things, theft, destruction through fire and vandalism.  All these perils can be covered with the right insurance carriers that specialize in Commercial Liability Insurance policies.  Rates are determined by various factors which your Agent will disuss with you.  These factors can be based on total value, deductible, safety devices in place, prior history of claims, location as well as others.  

Our Difference: 
You can call any Commercial Insurance Agency in the book to get quotes for your insurance.  There are litterally thousands of us Agencies out there.  Where Ballast Point Insurance Services excels is in our customer service, level of coverage and our aggressive pricing.  We know that there are many companies to choose from which is why we are always on our feet, learning about different coverages and obtaining new carriers, all in order to stay on top of our competition which ultimately enables us to better serve our customers.  With just one quick call you will see the difference.  We have many professional and friendly Commercial Insurance Agents standing by, happy to answer any questions or to offer phone quotes.  
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Commercial Liability Insurance

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