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Construction Insurance can be defined as being any number of different types of commercial insurance policies.  For the most part, these policies include but are not limited to; General Liability Insurance, Workers Compensation Insurance, Inland Marine (Tool Insurance), Commercial Auto Insurance, Contractors Bonds as well as Pollution Liability Insurance.  Not all those in the construction industry however need all of these types of policies.  Your particular coverage needs may be for just one of these while other contractors may find that they are in need of all the above listed insurance policies.  There are many factors that play into your coverage decisions for Construction Insurance.  Insurance requirements given to you by your clients, state and local laws and your personal feelings on the level of coverage you are comfortable with all have a hand in types and amount of insurance you purchase.  

What Types of Policies are for the Construction Industry? 

Let's look at some of the Construction Insurance policy types there are available.  Hopefully just by reviewing this information alone it will help you make a more informed decision for your coverage. 

Contractors Liability Insurance 

Probably the number one policy we place for our clients.  Contractors liability insurance, also known as general liability insurance, is usually the first policy type that is required for Contractors to have by their clients.  In general and very simply put, Contractors liability insurance provides coverage for bodily injury and property damage to a third party in association with your operations.  A good example would be a General Contractor who's employee hammers a nail into a wall while hanging drywall, the nail penetrates a water pipe which causes a leak that floods the building.  The damage associated with this incident could possibly be covered under the Contractors liability insurance.  Another important aspect of a general liability insurance policy for Contractors is the coverage for 
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Construction Insurance

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Construction Insurance
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