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If you're a Contractor then you need Contractor Insurance, period!  Like the old saying goes, if anything can go wrong, it will.  This seems doubly true for the construction industry and in today's society you can't afford to make even one uncovered mistake that could potentially ruine everthing you have worked so hard to build.    

The good news is that Contractor Insurance, if placed with a reputable carrier through a knowledgeable Insurance Agent that understands where your risks as a Contractor lie, can work to ultimately cover your operations properly and affordably.  Insurance for a Contractor isn't so much a luxory these days as it is an essential tool to be carried around in your truck.

Insurance for Contractors is NOT all the Same

Not all insurance policies are the same.  Construction Insurance policies are built specifically for your industry.  These policies range from standard form policies with mounds of exclusions added to custom written policies built just for the insured.  As you can imagine, some policies are just better than others for your particular operation.  Not all Insurance Agents are the same either.  Good Insurance Agents that specialize with working with Contractor Insurance will ask the right questions of your operations in order to determine which policy is right for your particular business.  One question we get from our insureds most offten is, "Why didn't the other Agent ask me all this?" and one good reason is because our Agents are trained on all the latest guidelines and insurance policies.  We constantly train on the latest policies in order to be able to offer the best coverage to you at the lowest rates possible.  

What Types Policies do I Need?

There are several policies that all businesses in the construction industry should carry, regardless of the size of your operation.  Some of which are even mandatory by state of local governments.  Depending on your particular situation, you may have a need for one of the following coverage types.
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Contractor Insurance
Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers Compensation Insurance is the one policy we get asked about the most aside from General Liability Insurance.  Most states require that employees of a business be covered by some sort of Workers Comp Insurance.  This coverage is in place to pay for medical bills and lost wages to the employee due to injury or illness caused by work.  These bills can be in the hundreds of thousands easily which is why this type of Contractor Insurance is so important.  Also, many businesses in the construction industry think that they can pay all of their employees as 1099 subcontractors but find out only after it's too late that they were in fact wrong and now are faced with not only paying medical bills that they cannot afford but are also issued heavy fines or penalties as a result of not having coverage. 

Auto Insurance for the Commercial Industry

If you just assume that your personal Auto insurance policy will cover you in case of an accident while at work, think again.  Many of the largest to smallest auto insurance carriers exclude any type of commercial driving exposure.  Ask your carrier if you are covered and if so, ask another Insurance Agent for a quote.  You could be paying too much with a carrier that doesn't want Contractors as an Insured.

Why Ballast Point Insurance Services?

Ballast Insurance Services was born from one of the largest Contractor Insurance Agencies in the Nation.  We have quickly become one of the most trusted names in the industry and one of the number one Insurance Agencies specializing in the Construction Industry.  We give Nationwide competitive pricing with localized service.  In most cases we can offer phone quotes that will show you our difference.  With so much to lose and so little time, it's costing more money not to call us today.  
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