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Contractors Liability Insurance

Contractors all over the country know that Contractors Liability Insurance can be costly.  The good news is that Ballast Point Insurance Specializes in Contractors Liability Insurance and has the many Nationwide Insurance Carriers that we can use to save you both time and money with. 

Contractors Liability Insurance:  

Contractors Liability Insurance pays for the claims from the Contractors operations that come from injuries or damage to another party. No one knows when an accident could occur and Contractors Liability Insurance should be in place just in case one does.  The policy coverage limits and types range greatly given the particular type of contracting that is performed so it's important to get it right.  Our friendly Insurance Agents are trained to understand Contractors particular needs and offer the most competitive prices accordingly, plus they are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

No Down ($0) Payment Contractors Liability Insurance:

Ballast Point Insurance has been specifically chosen to offer the No Down Payment, Pay-As-You-Go Insurance Policy for Contractors.  This very exclusive Liability Insurance program does away with costly down payments and allows our clients to only pay low monthly installments.   Please feel free to call anytime for an immediate phone quote or quote the No Down Payment Contractors Insurance online here. 

Don't Forget About Our Other Insurance Products for Contractors

Workers Compensation Insurance: 
Coverage for your workers in case of injury or death while in your employment.  Not only a legal requirement but one of the most important insurance policies available for Contractors.
Surety Bonds:
There are a number of Contractor Bonds available.  Some states and cities require that their licensed Contractors funish some sort of license bond in various amounts.  Other requirements for Contractors Bonds can be from the owners of the project that the Contractor is working on in the form of Bid or Performance Bonds.  The prices for these bonds are determined on several factors such as credit and bonding history of the Contractor that is applying for them.  Our Contractors Insurance Agents have access to many bonding companies that we use to offer the most competitive rates for Contractors Bonds available. 

Commercial Auto: 
Our many Commercial Auto Insurance Companies have many cost saving programs that offer the lowest rates for your auto insurance policy.  Each one of our insurance agents are trained with these commercial auto insurance companies so that we can offer you the lowest prices.  Feel free to contact us anytime for your free no obligatoin auto insurance quote.

Property Insurance:
Tools are often overlooked and Contractors have lots of theft of their equipment.  Most people hope that tools and equipment are covered under the Contractors Liability Insurance policy but this is seldom the case and such coverage usually needs to be requested to be added onto the policy prior to a claim.  Don’t wait until it is too late to find out if your tools are covered.  Our Builders Insurance Specialists will be able to offer you the best price for covering your property. 

Fast and Friendly Service with Nationwide Expertise:
Our Contractors Insurance Brokers here at Ballast Point Insurance have over thirty years of overall experience in placing Contractors Insurance.  We have spent many years developing excellent relationships with many insurance companies so that we can offer the lowest rates with all the Construction Insurance Carriers available, leaving you time to go back to contracting.  Feel free to contact one of our friendly Insurance Brokers anytime. 
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Contractors Liability Insurance

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Contractors Liability Insurance
Contractors Liability Insurance
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