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Working in the Construction Industry, one has to expect paying a little more for their insurance than say, a shoe repairman would.  Contractors Insurance is one of those things, like good quality supplies, that you just can't do without however and General Contractors have much higher risk to worry about as they have to rely on subcontractors to perform some of the work. 

Choosing to work with inexperienced Contractors Insurance Agents could cost you in the long run.  The Contractors Insurance Brokers at Ballast Point Insurance have the knowledge and expertise in General Contractors Insurance that we use to provide you with the lowest Construction Insurance rates available and with excellent insurance companies as well.  Feel free to call anytime for an immediate phone quote or simply fill out our online insurance quote form and one of our friendly Construction Insurance Agents will get back to you with several insurance options right away. 

General Contractor Insurance Available: 

General Contractors Liability Insurance:  
Coverage that pertains, essentially, to claims out of the Contractors liability for injuries or damage caused by ownership of property, manufacturing operations, contracting operations, sale or distribution of products, and the operation of machinery.  Most of the General Contractors  that I know will tell you that accidents just seem to happen out of nowhere and when they do, you’d better hope that your General Contractors Insurance policy will pay for them.  Each one of our knowledgeable insurance agents are trained in the individual needs of General Contractors.  Plus, we are one of the only Contractors Insurance agencies offering the No Down Payment General Liability Insurance Policy for General Contractors.

Workers Comp Insurance:
Workers Compensation insurance is made to pay benefits and furnish care to your employee if hurt or killed while in your employment.  Not only is this policy just plain common sense to have, most states make it mandatory for businesses to have Workers Compensation Insurance if they hire any employees at all.  Our many nationwide Contractors Insurance carriers offer the lowest rates available for General Contractors Work Comp and it's quick and easy to get a quote.  Ask your agent for a quote now.
Contractors Bonds:
Some states require that to be a General Contractors you have to have a Contractors License Bond.  These Contractors License Bonds have premiums that are determined by several factors such as credit and prior bonds.  Along with Contractors License Bonds, some Contractors are required to furnish Bid Bonds or Perfomance Bonds in order to work on a specific project.  Our Contractors Insurance Agents have many surety companies in which we use to offer you the lowest Contractor Bond Rates available. 

Commercial Auto: 
We have many Commercial Auto Insurance companies that we use to compete for the cheapest auto insurance around.  Each Agent knows their programs so that we can use the discounts available to lower your rates.  Also, don’t forget to ask your  Contractor Insurance Agent about taking advantage of Ballast Point Insurance Services’ multi-policy discounts for all your Insurance for Contractors.

Contractors Property Insurance:
Many General Contractors Insurance policies do not include tool coverage unless you specifically request that it be covered.  Don't forget to ask your Insurance Agent about it.  Don’t wait until it is too late to find out if your tools are covered.  Our General Contractor Insurance Specialists will be able to offer you the best price for covering your property. 

Fast and Friendly Service with Nationwide Expertise:
Our General Contractors Insurance Agents and Brokers here at Ballast Point Insurance have many years experience offering Contractors Liability Insurance and understand the construction industry's insurance needs.  Feel free to contact one of our friendly Insurance Agents anytime for an immediate insurance quote.
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General Contractors Insurance

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General Contractors Insurance
General Contractors Insurance